A little over a week…..

& it’ll be time to get 100% back into routine. Can’t wait!

Yes, I will miss my children & the lay-ins, but it’ll be so nice to get all the chores done without distractions & within my timescales.

I often find chores much easier to do alone, for the simple fact I do them methodically. They are done correctly, efficiently & quickly too.

I seem to struggle immensely in the holidays as the children distract me, when they don’t assist to help or they undo my hard work when I move to a different room/chore.

Now my children bless me with lay-ins, they sit, watch tv, get breakfast – now this isn’t as dreamy as it sounds daily,very often they fight/bicker over the tv & all hell breaks loose. But today they are being absolute angels, so it’s lovely… Blogging in bed, this is a rare treat!

I need to do a few more bits before the children head back to school, name labels need attaching, pencil case needs replacing, lunch boxes need washing. But the uniforms are all up to date, shoes are all fitting… Just a few last minute tweaks to do & we are ready!

School Summer Holidays are tiring for me, the first couple of weeks drag immensely, the middle three weeks are hit & miss, whereas the final week & a bit somehow runs the smoothest – maybe the children actually make the most of this week knowing that school is about to start again?! Who knows???

We’ve had an up n down break without an actual holiday this year, we just couldn’t afford it & the car broke so that didn’t help. But we’ve done a fair few things over the break, despite not the best of weather the whole time…

We’ve visited: Alton Towers (twice), Chessington, National History Museum Tring, Cutteslowe Park, Swimming, Cinema so we’ve not done too bad.

Well, I s’pose I should haul my butt up n out of bed. Get cleaned up n dressed, make a coffee & I think we will pop to town to get something nice in for lunch today, maybe pop to Garth Park or just a leisurely stroll round town before we get our friends round this afternoon.


4 responses to “A little over a week…..

  1. Don’t worry, M. & F.I.L. have got it sorted for the rest of the week. Been to Sainsbury’s have got a litre of Gordans & Bells – no problems!!!! Luvxxxxxx Lol

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