Sneaking in!

Actually, I’m just talking about sneaking a final lil blog in before we go from August to September!!!

& you thought I was up to no good?! Shame on you, lol!

So the Summer is pretty much over, we’re moving into a new month & season tomorrow…

August says goodbye to the Summer & September says hello to Autumn.

I always get to this point, thinking boy the summer holidays have flown by, whereas if you catch me at the beginning of the month I’m almost complaining of how much they’re dragging…

I think the fact of the matter is children’s bodyclocks are a bit like womens in dome respect, let me elaborate with my thinking behind this:

       … Now if your a woman of child-bearing age, there comes a time (for most, not all) that your body tells you you’re running out of time for children, you get clucky & broody (don’t listen to your body, it lies girls! I’m only teasing of course, just be prepared having children is no small feat – time, patience, money all has to go into these precious bundles & it’s a tough bit rewarding job) – how do I figure this is similar to a child’s bodyclock you are wondering?!

The way I see it, at the start of the school summer holidays children are hyped up to the max (even more so than Christmas) they’re excited, almost uncontrollable…

But by the nearing end of these almost 6.5 weeks of school summer holidays their bodies have adjusted & it’s pike their almost being told naturally it’s time to slow down to concentrate again.

I’m not sure exactly why I just sat & thought of this similarity today, but it just sort of crept in my head & so I blogged!

Now I’m off to the kitchen to finish decorating some cupcakes, see you at some point tomorrow with the first of Photo 365!!!


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