Photo 365 Day 27


'It's all for Cherrytree... I mean Charity'

Ok, so I’m strolling round town on a lovely morning when out the blue I get a txt message from Kristy (my other adopted daughter) asking if I could do a cake for tonight’s karaoke at the pub. Now of course a) it’s Kristy asking me & b) it’s for charity… How could I refuse, but I offered an alternative to a big cake: 24 cupcakes & if time allowed a 6″ themed cake to go with them .

I always like a challenge so not only was I baking an extra 8″ ready for next week I was now doing a 6″ & 24 cupcakes too – 2 flavours of cupcakes also! I like to put myself under pressure.

Today’s picture is the 6″ themed cake, cupcakes & slices will be sold to raise funds for ‘MacMillan Cancer Support’


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