4 weeks on

So today I’ve not been feeling so great, the fact of the matter that technically it is now tomorrow & I’m late with today’s photo of the day is neither here nor there though, to me the fact of the matter is I haven’t actually forgotten to sign in & delight you with my photographic talents.

Yes, it is a little later than I would like… But I’d actually like to feel better full stop today, had a very bad day with my head – no full seizures thankfully, but it has been feeling weird & headachey but not… Not very easy to explain really, guess you’d need to get into my head to get a better picture.

Enough of that anyway, you don’t want to be bored senseless with my minor complaints.

Still managed to keep up with this, even if I’ve been ill or extremely busy I’ve managed to find a spare 5 minutes to snap & post!

I’m quite excited about today’s offering, the subject has been photographed before & is very good at doing what it is told to pose for the shots… I’ve sort of done a bit of a collage as I have played around with different filters on my phone also taking shots with & without the flash added too.

You may be getting a lot of cake or cake decorating type photos this week coming, as there’s pretty much a cake a day being done – don’t get too hungry looking at the beauties I’ll be photographing!


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