6 Weeks or 42 Days

Well, 42 days have passed or 6 weeks if you want to put it that way?!

Yes it has been 6 weeks of daily photographic blogs, I can’t say they’ve been the most exciting of subjects… But then I have been busy caking, stuck at home with real life & you can’t always find the best subjects to photo stuck inside the same 4 walls.

I am a little disappointed in myself as last week there was the most wonderful subject in town, I just wasn’t confident enough to take my phone out & start snapping away.

I think it was on Tuesday when I saw it, I had been to Tesco for some ingredients (I attempted to make the Technical Challenge from the previous weeks GBBO, Religieuses)… But I need some croissant dough, so had to pop to Sainsbury too as it wasn’t available in Tesco.

I hadn’t noticed it at first, but I guess it had been parked while I was inside… On leaving Sainsbury I saw the most beautiful decorated bicycle ever, it was very girlie!

If I ever see it again I will photograph it, as I can’t explain just how wonderful it was – I am kicking myself for not having the confidence to snap away in front of Joe Public, I should be more proud of who I am rather then shying away from myself.


2 responses to “6 Weeks or 42 Days

  1. Snap away when you feel so inclined – we had people snapping the burnt out wreck across the road for days before it was removed!!!!&

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