Been a bit slack, but 13 weeks!!!

I have been particularly slack the last couple of days… But in my defense I have been up to my eyes in it!

Friday I had to mix & bake 4 x 6″ square Christmas cakes, but I use a silverwood multipan so it’s a 12″ that I can divide into 4 – brilliant but hard work as you make a 12″ mix then divide it equally between the 4 sections.

Also on Friday I had a cake top decorate for my friends sons first birthday & along with that my nieces nineteenth birthday cake too! So hectic, hectic, hectic…

Yesterday was just as manic as we went to see our friends Andy & Clive in panto down in Essex, so a 2.5hr drive there & back with panto & McDonald’s in between meant I had hardly anytime this past cool of days & I have got behind.

My new phone is here, but I have been so busy I’ve not had chance to swap over the sim to micro sim yet – alas I’m still on my trusty HTC Sensation XL at the minute, but I am uber excited for the new arrival & hopefully I can get the sim swapped sometime today.

So it’s finally December, got to start thinking of a tree… We have had real for so long now, maybe it is time to invest in a nice artificial tree?! But I am so picky it needs to be just right.


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