16 weeks gone & just 4 days to go

Yes it has been 16 weeks of photographic blogging now, I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed to keep this up but I have!

Can you believe that Christmas is only 4 days away now?!  As I’ve got older January – November drags & drags, it takes ages but all of a sudden November/December are like a whirlwind… Blink & you miss them. What’s that all about eh???

I’ve been a bit poorly since my seizure & it’s complete rubbish, but I’m still smiling & pulling through, even if I’ve had to cut back on caking dramatically.  I don’t like to let friends down,  but when my health isn’t good I have no option because I’m not safe to use the oven if I’m having a bad time – yes it sucks,  but I have to live with it!

Should be some great photos to come over the next few days… All the excitement is building up, just hope the children & hubby are happy with their gifts x


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