Photo 365 Day 137


'Pondering Question'

So we have not one, but two new bundles of furry paws here…

The burning question is what to call these cuties?!  The tabby/white is a lil man & the black/white is a lil  lady. But what names to give them?!  I want them to be quirky & unique,  the must compliment each other & also must fit in around Oliver & Colin – ideas please???


'Such Sweeties'


5 responses to “Photo 365 Day 137

  1. How about :- Jamie & Nigella, David & Victoria, Paul & Mary, Will & Kate, Heston & Delia or Phil & Kirsty ??? Luv xxxx Can’t wait to have a cuddle!!

    • No way Nigella or Jamie… Not the Beckhams… Not Royalty… Heston & Delia not on your life… No idea about datetime TV – I had thought of Hollywood & Berry though 😉 xXx

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