21 Weeks?!

We all know 21 days is 3 weeks, so is 21 weeks 3 months?! I think I’m going to have to save this as a draft, just so I can go back & look… Else this will just play on my mind not knowing!

So, no it is not 3 months… As I started this on September 1st, so today this is 4 months & 24 days, the pattern I was hoping for doesn’t follow suit, never mind.

So what have I been up to this week?! Not a lot more than usual, looking after the house, the children, the cats, the kittens & running around like a blue ass’d fly! Typical week eh???

However I have been busy planning something for later in the year, but no spoilers for you as this is top secret surprise stuff & sworn to death not to spoil anything… Just wait till later in the year is all I shall say!

The kittens had their first vaccinations today, so lots of sleeping since… But that’s not so unusual for them as they tend to cuddle n sleep most days, but cause terror & mischief in the nights n early morning!!!

I’m actually quite excited about a couple of things coming up this year but I’m not letting it show till nearer the time as a lot could go wrong before then, I’ve been contemplating having my hair restyled into a very short pixie cut… But I’m unsure if it would suit me or be easy to keep because of my natural curl, at the moment it is mid length so I can tie it up or wear it down – mostly I tie it up though so thinking maybe if I can’t tie it up this would be easier?! Maybe not, I don’t know… Please help?!?!?!

Well I’ve no photo yet for today… I’m sure to find something before the day is out though so please be patient. Back next week with another update on progress, so until then enjoy!


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