Photo 365 Day 154

Ok… Third time lucky (or is it now fourth?)!!!

The WordPress app had an update yesterday & I’ve tried to post this endlessly but to no avail… I think this post is actually jinxed now as both my update & today’s blog have posted fine

So I’ve re-submitted the blog, changed the layout entirely & even changed the photo I was hoping to publish in the hope that this will work (considering just to be awkward it decided today’s photo would be published)! I’ve even now had to eMail it myself & use my Dad’s laptop to post it… Jinxed!!!

Currently not a happy bunny… 


The story behind this new photo from yesterday?!  I was attempting to help a fellow caker as she couldn’t print this out in this shade of lilac on her edible printer, although as you can see on my standard printer it printed out perfectly!

I originally was publishing a star shaped post-it with a positive quote on,  oh well I’m destined not to shine with that photo…


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