24 weeks past

24 out of 52 weeks, getting very close to nearing the halfway point! Not doing too bad I don’t think???

Not bad as I’ve been feeling poorly the last week, had a dull headache that just won’t go & a rotten cold also. What do we have in store this week?!  Well it is half-term so hopefully lots of fun with the children, although the weather looks absolutely rubbish!

The kittens had their second vaccinations today, they’ve also been microchipped & are booked in to be castrated/spayed at the end of next month. The vet was happy to report they are both growing well & is pleased that they are both very healthy n happy furbabies!

Captain Jack Flash has a  replacement collar (it’s identical to his last, which he has somehow lost somewhere in the house – no doubt behind the washing machine or TV, as I couldn’t find it).

Not a lot else to report as I’ve not really done much feeling poorly & the winds have been terrible here recently.


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