25 weeks is a long time

25 weeks is a long time to keep this up,  taking on a challenge life this first seems so easy… But with lifes daily challenges it is actually quite a big task indeed!

First off you have to consider what you area actually doing for the day – for example if your stuck home doing chores that doesn’t give a scene for many a good photo really.

Next you think about it your out & about how reasonable it is to want to take a photograph, not just that but also if you’ll be deemed strange/odd for just snapping away!

Also the weather is a HUGE factor in taking photos, if it’s a little overcast you can get some fantastic shots… Alas if it is absolutely torrential rain, this is not very easy at all.

In an ideal world we’d live in a climate controlled environment, with idealistic weather – it would rain, but only in the very early hours of the morning,  say 2-7am! Wouldn’t that be nice???

So apart from finding this a bit of a strain during half-term – as we’ve been so busy doing things, I’ve  not always had the blog on my mind (yes this report is a little late, apologies). What have I been upto?!

Daily life, stress n strains, chores, fun, friends, coffee & everything in between – well almost everything!

The children are back to school on Monday, I’ve got a busy few weeks coming up as starting a 12 week course on Wednesday (won’t be on during school holidays, so it lasts actually physically longer than 12 weeks) but I do hope the weather is now on the up – I can get some lovely photos for you on my outings around town & further afar!


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