26 weeks… I’m half way through!

That’s right, today marks the halfway point of my 365 daily photo blog challenge!

Congratulations to me!!!

I expect some people thought I would give this up or not complete it?! Well you should all know that I rarely give up easily, I may feel like giving up at a lot of things but I rarely do give up… You see in a doer, as much as I want to give up some things I just can’t. It’s like chocolate, coffee, cigarettes (not that I smoke heavily, on the contrary I’m a very light smoker averaging on 3 cigarettes a day (menthol only at that)).

I shall do another 26 weeks of photography for this particular blog challenge & I shall succeed!  There’s some exciting things coming up towards the end of this year of photographic blogging that I’m very excited about… But I shan’t spoil the fun or surprises of it all by telling you what those things are, you shall just have to wait & see!


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