Photo 365 Day 191


'Mom on Strike'

So I put up this sign after asking I don’t know how many times for some help to put the washing away & get any dirty washing so I could wash some more… What’s happened since?! Yup, nothing!!!

Hubby is happily busy in the garden, the purple buddleja (butterfly bush) is freshly tidied up & he is pottering about outside quite happily.


'Ready for new growth'


'What got Lopped'

On the other hand, I’ve had the youngest (7) sulking as wanted to get clean clothes out – underwear is changed, but the denim dress has not got a mark on it & perfectly fine to wear until her bathtime later… I don’t want more washing when I’ve already got almost 4 loads still to do! When I went to check on her after the noise quietened down she was smiling tidying her room listening to One Direction!


'1 out of 3 helping'

The other 2 (10 & 12) are not being quite so helpful though…


'TV Game Review Zombies'


'Yet another Minecraft Walkthrough review'

So I’m just relaxing in the bath while they do sweet FA… If the little one is still being nice I shall take her down the park I think & maybe treat her to a cheeky Sunday Costa too!


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