29 weeks… Where’s it gone?!

Can you believe it has been 29 weeks of me doing this photographic blog challenge?!  Well over half way through this now & I’m actually now thinking what will I do when this is over???

Of course I shall go back to my normal blogging of anything & everything that takes my fancy with photos added in here, there & everywhere…

I’ve not a lot to report on progress this week as has been a challenging week health wise for both myself & my youngest, so I’m not quite with it (not that I’m that with it anyway).

The children are having an unruly weekend so far, I may as well be invisible & so might hubby be too. We’ve been doing chores, the children have done whatever they wanted & not adhered to any instructions, middle daughter isn’t even dressed & has taken her tablet, oldest & youngest children are playing on Minecraft on the PS3 – I can actually see a war breaking out & the TV being broken at this rate!

I’m off to sort out some more washing, before cleaning the bathroom now… Think a cigarette is in order as not had one this morning & am feeling the need to take out 5 minutes before turning into the incredible mom monster!!!


2 responses to “29 weeks… Where’s it gone?!

  1. So, situation normal then my Darling!!!! Have a good weekend. XX Hope Head Chef is feeling a bit better today.

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