Photo 365 Day 227


'Stitches Out'

So Miss Molly MooMoo had her stitches out finally today, she was originally spayed on Monday 31st March… But she then somehow managed to get an infection in the wound so on Friday 4th April she had to be opened up again, cleaned up from infection, restitched & even had to have a drain fitted. Monday 7th she had the drain removed,  Thursday 10th (should’ve been her original 10 day check & stitches out) she had a review with Captain Jack Flash (he was neutered on March 31st, no complications… He was signed off), so today Molly has had her stitches out, been signed off from any more visits but still has to keep her buster collar on until the weekend. But it is looking very good & she is a very content little kitten, bouncing around with her buster collar on & back to her happy self 🙂


3 responses to “Photo 365 Day 227

    • Yes she’s at the end of this long journey of being spayed thankfully… Took a bit longer than average but she is all good! Couldn’t have a normal uncomplicated cat could I?! Still out of 11 cats can’t be bad going that only 1 had slight complications. Have a great Easter too xXx

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