34 Weeks…

This is rapidly nearing completion, each week is another week nearer the end & I’m actually finding myself more & more about what I shall do when I’ve completed this?! 
Perhaps I should start a musical video blog for 365 Days?! Although not sure I’d think of that many interesting musical masterpieces that would inspire people to like my blog posts or follow me for that matter… Mind you is it likes & follows that matter, the statistics of how much your blog is viewed or actually doing what you like?!  After all who’s blog is it anyway???

I do hope that some of you that read, follow, take notice of my blog are liking what I do?! It isn’t always easy to find interesting photo subjects when you are limited to your two feet, a small town & bad weather – I sometimes am so limited just to the confines of my household property which has more limitations as to what I photo… You don’t want that many #selfie photos of me do you?!

Fortunately today’s offering is more happy than yesterday’s sadness that was brought on by my son… I won’t divulge what it is just yet, that would take the joy away from it!

One proud mother here, he is so talented despite his issues & extremely clever too.


One response to “34 Weeks…

  1. If ClassicFM can reel off 300 pieces of music over the Easter Weekend you can do 365 in a year – GO FOR IT !!! XX

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