National Hamster Day

Happy National Hamster Day 🐹


Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that this was an actual thing!! ;D

May 10th is official national hamster day!

Not the most widely known celebration but its right up with St. Patrick’s day I swear 😉

National hamster dayNow unless you have a hamster yourself or just have an uncontrollable addiction to cuteness, then this day might not mean very much to you, but for me THIS IS HUGE!!! 😀

And seeing as there is barely any awareness of this incredibly important day, I struggled to find any sort of info on Google for it, I thought it was only fair to make a big fuss over it here!

This national day has gone UNNOTICED for too long!

Here is HamsterDiaries SCREAMING bout it from the rooftops!!! 😀
Pick up your adorable pet, whether they’re a hamster or not, and give them a massive squeeze!
Tell them you love them to…

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