Photo 365 Day 254


So I’m a complete doofus, I blame my epilepsy medication personally as it is more than just being a dizzy brunette!

I’ve set my sleep bot up on my phone for tonight, alas it just dawned on me that I hadn’t blogged… Ooops!

So I’ve grabbed my iPod touch & I figured as a boring shot of the TV in my bedroom wasn’t that exciting, I’d browse all existing photos on here & I came across this gem from 2012 – when I had my Mrs Davros get up on, that’s what I named the portable EEG machine I had to endure for 3 days/2 nights!

Although if it wasn’t for this & the MRI I had the previous month prior to this lengthy EEG, I’d not be officially diagnosed with epilepsy (for the second time). So I should thank this exquisite fashion accessory, Thank You Mrs Davros!!!

I did cause a few odd glances & comments when I went to the local pub for karaoke wearing it 🎤


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