37 Weeks

So another week has passed, the end is nigh & well in sight.

I don’t have a lot to report in this progress blog that I didn’t write last week, we are still having issues with our son & his various conditions, school are noticing this more & more (which is good in one respect as hopefully he will now get some much needed help).
The youngest daughter has discovered the telephone & last week got a call from a boy in her class (they’re 7), she has ring him twice already today at 7am the first time & just got off the phone after arranging to go for a few hours play & lunch tomorrow at his house!  Good job his parents were OK about this.

I shall have to find something to do with the middle daughter tomorrow as the son has a cinema trip with his friend at 12:30… Off to the cinema on his own, I do hope he behaves but hopefully his friend will keep him in check?!

Tonight me & hubs are off out for a curry with our friends then hitting the town, no doubt everyone else will be merry or drunk, yet because of my epilepsy & the medication I take to semi-control it I shall be sober as alcohol is one of my triggers – don’t really fancy having a seizure while out (has happened many occasions before & is so embarrassing, also can be very degrading too). I’ll just laugh at them I guess?!

That said I figure I may just take a nice relaxing bath in preparation for tonight, it’s only 10:55 but I may as well get sorted early for later… Now which Lush product should I choose today???


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