39 long weeks

Well this week especially has felt long, but then it has been half-term & the weather hasn’t been the best,  it has been rather frantic so the blogs have been late but they’ve all been done – glad I haven’t missed one!

The end is getting so close now which is scary, as I’ve gotten used to posting a daily photo for you all… My #100HappyDays challenge on Instagram is nearer it’s end than this as I just posted Day 92… That is scary!!! Scary in the fact I shall go back to Instagraming so many other random photos again! If you’d like to follow me on Instagram my ID is: Lynda_Sharp

I’d link it direct to Instagram but as I’m not on the laptop I can’t get that technical presently.

So what’s on the agenda this week, school interview for daughter going up to secondary school, Dr’s appointment for me, support group, Costume fitting for lead role, youth groups, meeting back up with friends from a recent course… It is all go, go, go!

Must remember to mist my Orchids daily, I repotted them today as they’d outgrown their pots… So they now need misting for 2-3 weeks & kept out of direct sunlight,  I did also treat myself to a nice new purple of a different variety today while getting new pots & compost.

Funnily enough that was today’s daily happiness photo on Instagram, so the photo your about to get here is going to be something completely different.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, I know I’m going to do my best – even if I take the children to see The Lego Movie in the morning!


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