Photo 365 Day 276


'2 years of clay art'

So today’s blog photo is of my boy & his clay artwork over the last 2 years of secondary school.

Extremely proud of him, the bust of himself was done last year when in year 7 & the castle tea light holder he has just finished in year 8.

My son has a few things that go against him when at school high-functioning autism, oppositional defiance disorder, sensory processing disorder, moderate dyspraxia & mild dyslexia, yet when things like this come home I’m so very proud of him.

He doesn’t always function well in class & hasn’t adapted well to secondary school that well, so these little things are very big things in our house & he must be praised for the work & dedication he must’ve put into these projects.

Well done son, mum is extremely proud of you ❤✔👍👏👌


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