43 weeks, now how did that happen?!

No I’m not talking about being overdue by 3 weeks… I’m talking about now many weeks I’ve been working on this 365 day photo challenge which I decided weren’t well with this blog.

In the very first weeks I never actually thought I would get even half way through, butt then I’ve never been one for quitting & like to set my mind on my goals…

The current goal is to complete all 52 weeks (365 Days) of this challenge… Do there isn’t many more photos to take really, only 63 to be precise (unless I spoil you with more than 1 per blog, which I have been known to do)

So how are things with life at the minute??? Hectic, Chaotic & dare I say a little bit Manic at times, but that’s what happens when you have 3 children, 4 cats, a home, a party to plan & also a trip of a lifetime to organise. There are appointments, after school clubs, children changing schools, new uniforms, school productions it really is all go at this time of year for me & I haven’t even mentioned cakes!!!

Without further a do, I’d best get on & put today’s blog entry up… Until next weeks progress report, have a great weekend what’s left of it x


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