44 weeks already…

So how on Earth have I managed this with the lack of time to get my laptop on, just using my camera on my phone, my phone going for repair & real life getting in the way besides looking after the home, children, pets?!

I seriously do not know myself, life often gets in the way of enjoying everything there is to enjoy… But I’m stubborn & have a hell of a lot of will power to boot, so I’ve been determined to follow this through to the bitter end.

This week has been up n down, on Monday I had to say goodbye to a dear friend – my furbaby Oliver, he had a fantastic 16 years with us & we’d had him since a little kitten 🐈 he is missed an awful lot as I had a great connection with him.

Thursday we celebrated my son’s birthday & teenage milestone,  he has come a long way in these 13 years despite his problems – overcoming them day by day & growing into a lovely young man, which I hope continues with the parental guidance he receives.

I’ve managed to get some more decorations for my upcoming unbirthday party this week, discussed adding to my tattoo with a lovely tattooist, there has been the school fete, my eldest daughter had a birthday sleepover, my youngest daughter has gone off to a party, I’ve made birthday cake & party cupcakes, plus everything else in between too!

You’d think by now with all this some weight would shift, alas it hasn’t yet. But I’m planning on doing something as there are certain clothes that I want to be able to wear again that currently are a little too tight in places which is saddening for me.

Now as this is late – I was busy cupcaking yesterday & then having fun at karaoke in the evening, blogging went by the wayside just a little bit,  I best get on with the small backlog.


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