45 Weeks… OMG!!!

Yes OMG is indeed,  I’ve got a replacement phone back & all see raf gun d’s seems to be going well except for the trace type function which has a mind of it’s own… Hence the small amount of gobbledegook that has appeared between all & seems!

Maybe it is just me tracing far too fast for the touchscreen, I don’t know… But seeing as they replaced the phone rather than repaired it the old handset definitely had a serious fault with it.

But enough about the phone, where’s the blog at?! Yes, a whole 45 week’s have passed by… My oh my, how the time flies!

I’m actually glad to have this replacement phone as working with my old HTC again just wasn’t the same, it was ok but the keyboard layout was slightly different which kept throwing me off track.

I actually am getting rather excited now, as in just 18 days I shall be on my way down under to the other side of the world Australia!!!

So much fun to be had but I won’t spill any information on what that may be, as you never know it may well appear here on the blog for you!


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