Photo 365 Day 324


'Go Girl'

So yes this is me looking like a pro… Today (Sunday 20th July) I went along to my friend Saskia’s daughters 7th birthday party (of course I made the birthday girl her cake).

It was at a roller skate rink,  so along with 35-40 children I decided yes after 25 years or so I’d put a pair of quads on & go for it! I must add here that I was in fact the only adult that gave it a go & I didn’t give up either. But the fact of the matter is, I have wanted to get myself a pair of quads for about the last 9 years – just never plucked up enough courage to do so.

Having suffered a couple of comedy moments at the start (I realise that skating on a nice wooden floor is far different from the concrete that I used to skate on as a child) I actually managed to get my balance & ended up doing the best part of an hour upright skating round the rink avoiding the hazard of children all over the place!

I think I may invest in a pair of quad skates now as I really enjoyed myself, even if I am a little bruised from it!!!


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