Photo 365 Day 330


'Hidden Surprise Theme'

Ok,  ok… So I doesn’t get up to date with last week’s blogging on here as well or was chaos – I’m currently on the transfer from Dubai to Sydney (from London to Dubai I watched ‘Robocop’ (newest version) & yes you guessed ‘Frozen’ (no, I didn’t sing out loud on the plane (although I was very tempted & mouthed along)))… I’ve attempted to watch ‘Rio 2) but keep falling asleep, so I’ve now got the newest ‘Captain America’ on in the background – so I thought I may as well get these blogs on draft form ready to upload ASAP.

As you know, it was my unbirthday party on Saturday which the theme was ‘Wonka in Wonderland’ – now how could I make sure my outfit was truly unique & nobody could copy it?! That’s right I added an extra twist with a 3rd secret theme Oz! So along with my ruby slippers, Oz necklace, ruby slippers on the cake… I also had a mini wicker basket full of sweetie bags & this wonderful big wicker basket with ToTo in! Adorable isn’t he?!?!


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