Photo 365 Day 342


'Time Difference'

I thought this would be a good photo for today as we’ve just done a spot of shopping & I posted a postcard to the children…  It is about to turn 8pm here in Australia while it is still morning there in the UK – so if by chance you are trying to contact me via PM on FB or WhatsApp me try to remember I’m currently 9 hours ahead if you which means I’m probably sleeping if you message between 1pm-11pm UK time! If you are very lucky I’ll pick my phone up as I wake but if we have something scheduled this is not always possible as lots coming up for example tomorrow (Friday) I’m off to the gym, Saturday we’re off to the races, Sunday there’s a big family lunch so I may not always have a WiFi connection either as I only get it at my cousins house.

You are best to watch out for my Instagram photos or my blog feeds that get automatically posted on my FB or just to wait & see if by chance I’m posting anything (usually I do this in the afternoon here around 3-3:30pm, which is 6-6:30am in the UK) sometimes I have a little time in the evening such as now but as I say there’s lots of exciting trips coming up where I won’t have any acess so please do not panic ok?! 

Love you all & I really hope this sort of puts the time difference into a bit more perspective for some of you xXx


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