49 weeks & I’m upside down!

So we’ve passed 49 weeks, that’s 3 weeks left to go & a couple of days I think?!

I’m down under so that means I’m upside down… But don’t worry I shan’t blog upside down but due to 9 hours in front time differences you may get a blog earlier than expected sometimes, maybe – but if I don’t have WiFi you may have to wait a little longer for them as data or here is £6 for 1mb!

So spent a day at the races today & it isn’t so much different to that in the UK, except out by the track is much quieter as most stay inside by the bar… Well that’s what it appeared to be like & there’s no strict dress code, saw a bit of everything today which made for great people watching.

The security guards are much like those at home… Pigeon like, but they do a good job of rounding up people smoking in the non-smoking areas (not me I hasten to add, I follow the rules).

I didn’t win a single race & as I only did each way on the first race (which I didn’t place anywhere) I lost a total of $45 which isn’t too bad really I don’t think?! I could’ve got something back on 4 races had I hope each way as got 3 x 2nd places & 1 x 3rd place…  But it was a glorious sunny fun day all the same.

Yesterday my cousin tried to kill me with her personal trainer at the gym… Boy can I feel it today, still at least I know my legs, bum & arms have been worked well as I can feel the burn!!!

Got a family BBQ tomorrow where we get to meet some of Guys siblings… Is this a good thing?!?  Well if they’re related to Guy it should be a laugh if nothing else, he is a right wind up merchant – it’s   like being home from home!


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