Photo 365 Day 345


'It's cake, but not as we know it!'

So yesterday we went to Guy’s sibling monthly BBQ at his sister Sam’s house, there was a while array of Guy’s siblings, nieces, nephews & was a totally lovely day…

Please don’t ask me to recall all the names of everyone as I don’t have a hope in hell!  But I do remember the little silkie dog which was called Marshall, he didn’t like the doorbell & got quite wound up by it!

This was the alternative birthday cake of a young lad (told you I couldn’t remember the names), looked very pretty… Strawberry, Vanilla & a hint of Mint flavoured ice cream cake!  It’s a firm favourite for the children’s birthdays apparently, so today I’m treating Kate to one of my cakes – was thinking of a classic Victoria sponge, but I’m now thinking of a triple chocolate cake – yum!


2 responses to “Photo 365 Day 345

  1. Children due to be with us this a.m. – will keep you posted. Hope you master Kate’s oven for the baking!!! XX

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