Photo 365 Day 354


'Lemmings on DOS'

Well yesterday while in Melbourne we visited the ACMI museum in Federation Square (which isn’t really that square) – the museum was free entry (which is always good if you ask me) but it was absolutely wonderful, a real look through how technology has moved through time from the first televisions, colour films, 3D, games consoles, computers, filmography, cartoons, gaming…  It was all there!

A blast from the past four me though was an old DOS version of Lemmings on the PC, great fun back then – still great fun now (although things have moved on as the game is so much quicker today than it was back in the day). I’d really love to take the children here as I found it fascinating even though I’ve grown up through a lot of technology, the pieces that I hadn’t seen really caught my attention.


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