51 Weeks… Nearing the end 🔚

My doesn’t time fly when you don’t want it to?!

Take for instant my visit to Australia, there’s not really a lot of time left here & it feels like I haven’t been here 2 minutes…

Maybe that’s because my cousin Kate has crammed in so many fun things we have done & have yet to do? I surely will miss her an awful lot & also the place too, it is so friendly here (mostly with the odd exception) the weather is also a lot drier than back home in the UK…  I think we’ve experienced 1 wet day only & it really wasn’t that bad at all – considering it is still officially winter here, I’d say that is pretty damn awesome!

I keep trying to come up with another challenge to keep me busy when this one ends… Any suggestions from my readers would be gratefully received as I’m panicking what I shall do after a year of photos a day… This really is causing me some anxiety & stress as to what I shall fill this small void with – to most this isn’t important, but to me it is a little thing that I actually enjoy to do.

So please, throw some suggestions my way on what I can do with photographing for the next year whether daily, weekly, monthly…  I’ll consider pretty much anything at the minute, nothing rude or inappropriate for children though please.


2 responses to “51 Weeks… Nearing the end 🔚

    • Nice idea, but I don’t think that is doable Sallyann… The photographing doesn’t take that long but baking is a whole different kettle of fish! Lol 😂

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