52 weeks… Just one more day!

So sorry this is late… Recovering from a long day/night/flight back from Australia, crossing over 3 time zones totally messed up my body clock a little!

So I’ve literally completed the 365 photo challenge (all but a day, except I do have that final day ready).

The funny thing is though a year is actually just over 365 days, it is actually 365.242 days – so what am I to do?!?  I’m thinking just to be different is to add the extra 1/4 day or maybe do 366 days…  You’ll soon find out as I’m a bit behind!

I started this on September 1st 2013, so in theory I should’ve finished this on August 31st which would be day 366, that was Sunday (it is Tuesday now). What shall I do & more so what is next for the photographic blog???

So many undecided decisions left, but I need to decide quickly. I’m thinking maybe I’ll do a photo of the week for the next 52 weeks – what do you all think of that I wonder?!

Right I’d best finish this project off with the last couple of photos,  TTFN 👋


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