1 month in – Photo of the WeeK

Now I have to say, even though life for me at the moment is increasingly hectic with so much going on & to do but… I’m bored with this weekly blog challenge!

It is ok, but I feel I’m not doing enough – I’m almost lost without my daily blog challenge, is that odd or just because I did it for a whole year?!

So I figured every month that passes, I’m going to have to do a progress blog just like this one to give me a little more blogging time… Who’d have thought it would effect me so much???

So no idea what photo will get blogged about this week but there is a lot going on so anything could happen & cakes, coffee, food, drink & appointments, karaoke, pets, family, children, clubs – there’s so much opportunity for free canvases & backdrops!

Have a great October everyone & I’ll be back in a month with another update… Hopefully I’ll have got used to the weekly thing after another month?!

Here’s to the next few weeks blogs!!!


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