5 months on – Photo of the WeeK

So another month has been & gone, this has actually proved a very manic month for me. As, for the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been helping out at rehearsals & performances for a pantomime, of which I’ve really enjoyed.

There is so much more than just line learning for the cast that goes into each performance, some people will appreciate this while others will be totally oblivious… I had a fair idea of what went on behind the scenes, knowing people that have done these things in the past, organising other similar events myself – but there still were things happening that I hadn’t been aware of before.

It really is full on work for the cast & crew, things such as prop making, costume making, set designing, ticket designing, brochure design, leaflet design, poster design, prop decorating, scene decorating, learning songs, practicing without a stage, sound effects, editing music, when to open/close curtains (& by how much), lighting rig, correct lighting gels, costume adjustments, the list goes on…

As the general public that attend as an audience, it may not seem that there is so much to do, but the things you don’t see do not just come out of thin air – there’s not a magical prop or set cupboard which gives everything you need for a performance, hours & hours of hard work go into these productions (all for your enjoyment) & a small team can work around the clock to get it just right. The Windmill Players did just that with this years performances of ‘Ali BaBa & the 40 Thieves’

I was a small part of the crew, but I’m privileged to have been a part of it all, the performances were brilliant, the pantomime was hilarious with lots of laughs, each audience thoroughly enjoyed it to the max – I cannot say enough as to how much hard work paid off for the fantastic pantomime.

I’m supposed to be saying how my blog progress has gone over the last month, but as you may tell the pantomime totally became a BIG part of my life this month (as I’m so passionate about it). The whole cast/crew were wonderful to work with, like a second family almost, I’m already missing it all… I guess it is down to post panto blues?!

Anyway, it is now February… Time to get snapping, ready for this months entries of weekly blogs!

Enjoy 👍 👏 ✔ :mrgreen:


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