Week 22 – Photo of the WeeK

Firstly, HUGE apologies for the lateness of this blog. I should’ve done this on Saturday 31st January, but I was so busy with pantomime matinee & finale that I was totally absent minded (plus I was tired) that it just didn’t get done.

So far the rest of the days have been busy for me, as a fellow purple warrior had come up from London to visit, this has been truly wonderful – Kathleen has been an online friend & support network for me, she’s awesome… Thank you hunni ❤

Now I’m stuck for just one photo to choose, but I do think a cast photo from the pantomime is the best to pick for this particular weeks blog – here it is:


'Bowing Mexican Wave'

Actually, I couldn’t just leave it as the one photo… I’ve assisted just a little in the pantomime front of house, chorus practice, a little costume assistance when required, help at rehearsals, but my proudest small job was painting props – I had to paint some oil jars, which I’m still SO happy with how they turned out… What do you think???


'Not a bad job, if I do say so myself!'


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