Week 24 – Photo of the WeeK


'Awesome Production of Wicked'

On Friday, I was taken to London to see the musical Wicked, again…  I love this musical & a wonderful time was had seeing it again!

Getting to the theatre was thoroughly fun, with just a minute to spare before the performance began.

The curse of Friday the 13th had struck, but I was convinced we would make it (my partner in crime wasn’t so sure)…

First the TomTom (SatNav) took us to some housing estate – 20 minutes away from the train station where we needed to be to park the car, then the iPhone navigation decided on first try to lead us to a different housing estate another 20 minutes (still not at the train station) but on the third attempt the SlyPhone navigation finally took us to the train station.

While travelling on the tubes at one of the the stations that we weren’t getting off at the train was held up to make the space in the gaps more even, then at another station we were held up at a red light..  I was saying “don’t panic, it’ll be fine” as I have every confidence it would be.

We finally arrived at Vauxhall station with a very short walk to check in…  The heavens had opened & it was chucking down on us for the 5 minute walk. I was still confident & smiling, although I can’t say the same for my chaperone!  Lol 😂

We got to the hotel to check in absolutely soaked to the skin,  we needed to pretty much drop off luggage & had back 2 tube stops to reach the theatre. The front desk operative gave room keys, sent us up to the 10th floor (when our room was on the 3rd) – I found this quite humorous myself! When tracking the room down, we had faulty keys…

But there was no time left, we had to get back on the tube before we missed the performance. We dumped luggage at reception, told them about faulty keys & that we had to go catch the tube.

We travelled back to Victoria from Vauxhall, thankfully the Apollo theatre was just across the road… So we walked over, collected our tickets & sat down in our allocated seats, with that one minute to spare!

It was absolutely fabulous & a wonderful memory to treasure always 👍👏✔


One response to “Week 24 – Photo of the WeeK

  1. Now you know why I convinced Diane to move away!!! Glad you made it in time to see the performance. We missed the start of Cats once when our coach was stuck on the Motorway for ages cos of an accident. XX

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