Sharp Edges on a Round Cake Tutorial – The TLCB Way

I just have to reblog my talented friend Jerri ‘s wonderful tutorial on straight edges… I myself have yet to try this method (not currently caking for various reasons) but as soon as I’m back in a position to do so I will be giving this method a good try or two!


Hey all! Long time no blog…well, I’m back! And this one is a biggie!!!

Want to learn sharp edges the easy way? Well look no further cake fans, I will soon sort you out!

Now as a prewarn, easy doesn’t always mean perfect. So what I’m saying is – this method does not provide perfection. Perfect sharp edges yes, but it can taint elsewhere. *Sad face* I’m so sorry! The lighter the colour of the cake, the better it will look, hence why I have done this tutorial with a darkish colour. So you all can see what I’m talking about…

So have a read through. See the pics. Judge and form your own opinions, but sharp edges have to be better than no sharp edges…right?!

SO what you will need –
a ganached cake. (cake card at the bottom)
non serrated knife.
greaseproof/baking paper. (I like the white…

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