Cracking good Cinema

Thought I’d re-blog this post from when the cinema I now work in just opened in town… Loved it then, love it now & especially love working with such a great fun bunch of colleagues. It is truly awesome 😀

PS/ I’ve noticed a typo in this it says if not of… Whoops!!! 😏

Photographic Opportunities

Now as you may know the town has been redeveloped here & yesterday saw the opening of our new 7 screen Vue cinema.

We are going to see The Croods on Sunday with the children but I was fortunate enough to check it out last night with my Dad.

Apart from the technical glitches a lovely new little cinema, compact & bijou but perfect for the job!

Technical glitches were as follows:

#1. went to get pre-purchased tickets from machine, couldn’t find booking… Had to go to desk.

#2. handed printed off confirmation, there was no reference number… Fortunately when entering my card I booked with it found us!

We had a small wait for the screen to be cleaned, the waiting area could’ve been bigger or the assistant could’ve told us to wait by screen 5 as a larger waiting area was outside the room practically.

What did we…

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