11 months – Photo of the WeeK

Oh my gosh, can you believe it is actually 11 months I’ve been doing this weekly photographic blog now?!

I realise this last week & monthly review is a little late, but a full on week plus busy weekend & not having the best health this week, worth appointments & work on top I’ve become a little behind…  Lol, I just laughed at this phrase too 😂😂

This month’s review is going to be short & sweet (a little like me). There’s been an array of photos taken, a few of which I’ve shared with you – the next month poses quite the same, well at the moment it is looking that way 🙂

The end is nigh & I’m proud to say that despite my pessimistic out look on doing this weekly instead of daily for the past year, my will power to complete the task has paid off – albeit a few delayed blogs, but I’ve got to the final few weeks… If which I’m very proud of myself given the circumstances of the last 8 months too!

On with last week’s blog. Have a great week everyone :mrgreen:


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