So we’re almost a week into October already! For me as always this year so far has appeared at the times very long, but others very fast – I’ve never quite got around how my head works this out!

However,  this is one of my favourite months because of various reasons: the most exciting holiday of the year Halloween 🎃 being my highlight. I love the Autumn with the ever changing colours of the trees, the sound of the fallen leaves crunching under foot, soup making season, hot chocolate, sweaters. It is wonderful in every aspect!

I still haven’t figured out my next photographic blog project/challenge, so I shall carry on musing this over in my mind… I had thought about my love of Costa in photos but you may well get bored of that?!

I’m contemplating starting a fresh on New Years Day with a 2016 photographic calendar blog, but should I do this monthly, weekly or daily??? I’m currently thinking of a combination of ideas for this.

Let me give the grey matter a little more time to mull it over!


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