Daily Motivation

So I’m feeling a little under the weather, a little more than normal. They say when you give up smoking things for your body improve, skin is clearer, you breathe easier, smell increases, taste increases, you feel healthier, your gums bleed less, everything gets better… So why is it I feel worse?

Maybe it is the fact I’ve not really been baking or the fact I’m under more stress than normal, maybe it is the fact my raynaud phenomenon has increased (yes this too should get better giving up smoking) so I’m feeling much colder now or that my weight has fluctuated up a little, maybe it is because I’ve a further impending week in hospital for another video telemetry session in just a couple of weeks, I’ve had countless restless nights including numerous nightmares for nights on end recently & also had really bad RLS flare up which I’ve not had in such a long time – I just don’t know what is going on.

I need to get focused onto something to make my mind active again, so starting next month I’ve decided to do a daily, monthly Instagram theme – so yes it will change each month, but it doesn’t have to be a physical photo I’ve taken, I could find an image & manipulate it to my own liking then upload, as February has valentines day I shall have the daily theme of hearts – heart of the day ❤

I’ll take it from there & go with it… I want to start baking more again as I miss it so, but I’ve also a lil girls birthday party to plan for, so I should start getting my mind back on track & busy, I really want to blog more also. So much to do, not enough time, but need to be busy & expand my mind full of mindfulness to lift the greyness of the season.


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