Little Behind Blogging

So my Daily Motivation went well for the month of February & so far going well for March as we are half-way through already!

I do however, need to start thinking on a subject for April as I’ve not managed to prepare for it yet. Off the top of my head currently I’m thinking something floral, flowers etc.

After all it will officially be spring, all the flowers are staying to bloom & it is looking brighter outside now.

The last couple of months have been very busy indeed, Dr’s appointments, Physio appointments, Hospital appointments, Dental appointments, School appointments, trips here & there, so finding the time to blog has been a little tricky to say the least.

If you want to take a look at my Monthly Challenges & Daily Photos, you will need to pop over to my Instagram account


This month it is Daily Coffee ☕
Last month it was Daily Heart ♥

Next month is yet to be decided, but at the moment I’m thinking Daily Flower 🌸

Sorry for the late progress report on this, but you know life… It is busy, there are many things to do, that many people don’t realise, because of most social media & the way the majority use it, people expect everything to be shared right down to the exact timings of every little thing you do every single day – I live for myself & nobody keeps hold of me, including social media. I only share what I deem is needed to know, which of course is not everything. Life is for living ❤


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