Hooray for May

So it is now May, we’re almost halfway through the year would you believe it 😱

This month’s daily Instagram Challenge is Movies… We watch an array of films constantly, DVD, Sky+, Netflix, Cinema, BluRay, 2D, 3D we watch the lot 🎥📀💻

Suffice to say sometimes we’re not always at home but out & about, so although I could do a Daily DVD a Daily Movie was a better call that way if we are taking the children to the cinema, having a cinema date night, away from home at any point I can still fulfill my Daily Challenge with ease 👍

This year is certainly flying by, I’m trying to think of a crafty hobby or two that I can take up… Not sure on the time that I’ll have to complete these but a few ideas I’d love to try are: bracelet making, needle felting, mixed medium canvas designs & I really want to get back into caking as I miss it so – I do really need some willing tasters though as I eat far  too much that’s bad for me as it is!!!

I’m nearly 7 months non smoking now, I’ve put a few lb on but I’m not smoking…  When I’m fully settled down, in a good head space, self motivated & everything is less stressful, I shall work on the waistline & hopefully get back into some form of exercise, I really miss my WiiFit sessions & more so my Just Dance sessions too – but not the right set  up to do such things currently & I need to re-invest in them all.

If the weather was more reliable & I had a group of friends to go with, I’d start walking or maybe even jogging in time… I just don’t have the confidence to go it alone for various reasons. Still everything will come in time, I’m sure.

This month is a rather busy one, but there’s some fun to look forward to. A trip up North to visit some friends, a visit to the theatre, some Dr’s appointments, a prom dress fitting, various other things so we shall be here, there & everywhere!

I can’t think of what else to update you on, so happy May everyone the summer is almost here 😊


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