Happy 4th of July 

Stop the press… 

I’m a few days late in updating the blog, to let you know what’s been occurring over the past month & also what the new monthly challenge is over on my Instagram page! 

Firstly to all my fellow friends, family & blog readers… Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸🗽🎉🎆🌌

Now what’s been happening???  So much, last months Instagram challenge that I have myself was CDs a brief insight to my eclectic collection of music from all genres. 

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram just search for lynda_sharp…

That’s my profile above, you can just see the last couple of CDs I posted in June & the new challenge for this month Cuddly Toys! Chosen by my wonderful son, his new fluffy duck Eggburt was the first to be photographed.

So what else has been happening? My son turned 15 & I spent 23hrs creating a special cake for his birthday over 3 days, I guess you’d be interested in what this cake looked liked? 

So I created Spongebob, Patrick & Gary from sugarpaste, hand crafted all the details such as sea flowers, path, pebbles, portholes, doors, chimney, leaves. All the details of the characters were made separately by hand, then attached to the figures which were also as previously stated handmade by myself. 

Once cut, inside was a rainbow cake of 6 layers which was lemon sponge… His favourite! 🍍🍋🌈🎂

So it was a pineapple, lemon, rainbow cake 😊 

We also surprised him with a trip to Cardiff to the Dr Who exhibition, which he thoroughly loved. 

So lots happening again this month, including my own birthday at the end & of course the school summer holidays are soon to be upon us…  I get to spend so much more time with my children, I just can’t wait 👍👌👏🎉


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