Things that go BUMP in the Night…

My oh my oh my… What has happened here? To me it looks as if Fungus the Bogeyman has smashed his head through this pane of glass on the phonebox! Still it made me smile & get snapping on the camera at something less ordinary!!! 

Can you belive it is a week into October already?  Where is the year going? Around this time every year I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. I am sure I’ve blogged this before but the first part of a new year, tends to drag on, then the second half of the year rushes by… How is that so?  I’m baffled on how my brain makes me feel this way, each day has 24 hours, there are 365 days in the year, spread over 12 months… I just don’t get why my brain sees the first half of the year is so much slower than the second half of the year? Kerfuffled is what I am. 

Anywho, yes I said anywho instead of anyhow… Let’s get on with what’s been going on shall we?  Children went back to college & school, the season changed from summer to autumn, the weather has turned cooler, the nights are drawing in, colours are changing in the trees that’s just some of the many things to mention. 

My photographic challenge on my Instagram has also changed from Lego Mini Figures to Spooky Things, it is only fitting to show my love for the unusual, creepy, spooky & strange things I collect (I have more than plenty). So please go visit me over there here’s a link: I’m on Instagram as @lynda_sharp. Install the app to follow my photos and videos.

I hope you won’t be disappointed with what you find there, since February I’ve been setting myself a Daily Challenge of different subjects each month, so there are a fair few photos to peruse & of course if you like them give them a ❤ 

So I can’t really hang around here for long, my wonderful Aunticles is coming up to visit me for almost a week & teach me some new crafty things to do… I can’t wait to see her for huggles & well you never know, I may well blog about our adventures this week! 

Have a wonderful October 🍁🍂🍁🍂🕸💀👻🕷🎃


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