Almost February 😱

OMGosh, I cannot believe that the end of January is in sight… 

Where has this month gone?!  I just do not know???  Please can anyone find me a time turner to stop time every once in a while so there’s chance to breathe & catch up. 

I can’t even tell you what’s happened this month as I am so sure I’ve blinked & missed plenty! 

I do however know that I have had one of 2 amazing Christmas gifts which was an up close & personal Jazz session with Will Young at Pizza Express in Birmingham on the 13th which was absolutely phenomenal, such a brilliant night with good food, great company & wonderful music 🎶 

So close to him ❤

Also so far this month we have seen 6 movies with our Cineworld Unlimited cards, we have seen A Monster Calls, Monster Trucks, Manchester By The Sea, La La Land, Star Wars Rogue One & xXx The Return of Xander Cage

You can tell these get a lot of use!

6 movies this January 👍

I have to say I absolutely love my Unlimited Card & if you too are an avid movie fan that loves the big screen, this really is a fantastic investment. It is my 2nd year so my card is black, you initially in your first year start with a red card which gets you in to any standard movie, gives you 10% of the concessions, plus you can get 25% off in Chiquitto/Frankie & Bennys/Pizza Hut – it’s roughly economical to watch just 18 movies a year to benefit from the card, although at first we said 2 movies a month but ended up watching many more! In the first year if you want to watch 3D movies there’s a small fee of £1.50 extra per movie. If this sounds like something that would benefit you then you can get an extra month by using a special code from me so you can get 13 months instead of 12 making it better value when you sign up:
Things get even better in your second year the amount of movies are the same to get the benefit, but the more movies you see the better value it is!  You also benefit from 25% off concessions & can see 3D movies with no extra fee in your second year when you will get the premium black card. 
The best benefit is seeing the special Unlimited Screenings which is where you get to see movies before their official release, we saw Manchester By The Sea early & are booked in to see Hidden Figures & The Founder early too, plus in December we got to see Lion early! We also see a lot of movies that ordinarily we possibly wouldn’t go to the cinema for, but with the cards we figure why not? Some movies we’ve gone for 2nd or 3rd cinema viewings just because we can. They really are such a good investment & I would highly recommend getting one. 
So what else?!  Well tomorrow I am going to see the 2nd of my amazing Christmas gifts, I’m off to Milton Keynes Theatre to see The Carpenters Story. I cannot wait to see this on the stage. 
I’m super proud of my 13 year old daughter who had 2 teeth out (3 if you include the baby tooth that hadn’t gone by itself) on Thursday, she was super amazing & made no fuss at all. Well done sweetheart, I am so, so proud of you for this & I know you’ll be just as brave this week when you have almost exactly the same procedure on the other side (all too create room in her overcrowded mouth, ready for braces). 

Look at those roots 😱

That’s about as much as I can think of to cram into this blog before the month goes… Only 3 more days & then we will hit February! 


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