Nearly March 

My goodness, this year is already off to a flying start! Before you know it Spring will have gone & Summer will be here, let’s hope that we actually see some decent sunny days in the UK this year. 

So what’s this month brought us?  Well my daughter got some teeth removed, not because there was anything wrong with them… She had an overcrowded jaw & they needed to create room for her braces, so she can have the most perfect smile.

She had pre-molars taken out & you can tell just how overcrowded her jaw was, as the roots had fused together to form a singular root rather than two!

I’m so extremely proud of how well she went through the procedure of having her teeth removed (not having any other kind of dental work done before), they did 1 side the first week,  the next side the following week & then she got her braces the week after that! She certainly did very well & made no fuss at all. 

Cutest Smile & a Button Nose

Almost everyone has had an awful cold & the house has been through countless boxes of tissues, I think we should’ve had shares in them! I’m still ploughing my way through boxes & dosing myself up with paracetamol, ibuprofen & taking a halls lozenge every so often too.

The next part I’d like you to know about is a little bit of of the norm, so you will see I’ve laid out the text slightly different to normal… 

  • I finally had my Christmas Cake revealed as part of a collaboration to raise awareness for the wonderful inspirational young lady, Anya Waugh she is aspiring to become a paralympian Wheelchair Racer in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics… Anya was born with Spina Bifida & is a full time wheelchair user. We were inspired by Anya’s story, her courage & determination, that we wanted to help raise awareness to her fundraising quest.
  • Even just £1 donated to her funding page means that she is a bit closer being able to make another race, to train some more, to even qualify for the next Paralympics, her dream! 
  • All donations go directly to Anya’s own funding campaign.
  • Anya Waugh Fundraising 
  • Please quote ‘Stargazer’ when you donate, so Anya knows how her new friends have found her.
  • Check out the link below please, it should take you to my profile on the page where you can see all the other work & learn more about Anya. 
  • Anya’s Stargazers – Lynda Sharp 
  • Anya recorded a special message for all her supporters last year.
  • Anya’s Message 
  • Sorry for all the spiel about Anya, but she is a real inspiration at only 11 years old. I do really hope she manages to get to race in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics. 

So what else??? Well of course there was Valentines Day, we didn’t really celebrate yet as we are waiting until we have chance to do our own thing on another date. We did exchange cards & little gifts to one another though. 

We’ve had another trip to the theatre this week & saw Wonderland, what a great adaptation of the classic Alice in Wonderland story… Such fun & a modern spin on things, I’m not going to say anything else as I wouldn’t want to spoil it.  But we certainly enjoyed the show, it was also nice to bump into a couple of friends that were also seeing the show the same night. 

Of course we have seen an array of movies both at the cinema & at home, we’ve also gone through a couple of series on TV that I’d recommend if you like things slightly different to the norm. The first is Santa Clarita Diet only 1 series of 10 episodes, very funny & we watched in just a couple of days!  The next, Stranger Things, again only 1 series (I think it was 8 episode, longer than Santa Clarita though) but again we got hooked & watched very quickly in a couple days too! Currently we are making our way through Westworld, these are much longer episodes though so this is going to take a little while to get through as in depth & I cannot watch this late at night due to the complexity of it. 

Well I think I must’ve bored you enough with this blog, so I’ll make myself a coffee now while you finish yours & read the final few words. 

Until next time. 


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