Mid April

Where oh where has the year gone already?  I just cannot keep up…  This year is zooming by so quickly & the world is spinning by faster every minute for me currently. 

So what does April have left in store here?  A new hair design for myself, well something quite different colourwise… Style I think it’s just fine as it is, I’ve tried different styles over the years & none I really like other than how it is, this is so versatile for me with my naturally wavy curls.

Being over 40 I now have the luxury of a 5 yearly Dr’s appointment, I have my first of these soon… Wondering what delights this has to uncover, I’m not worried about my age frankly – it is what it is & cannot be reversed, so with that que sera sera.

Easter has come & gone, so the Easter Tree will need taking down. I really should try to get the garden sorted this year now spring has finally sprung… A slow job with the soil here in the village, I’d really like to totally excavate the garden, get some pots & raise the beds, alas I’m not a landscape gardener & have no clue – I’ll just wing it & try to get it in to some sort of order, any volunteers willing to help that have any clue about plants & flowers? 🙏 I can provide cake & keep you hydrated in return 👍

Talking of cakes, I’ve been making some cheesecakes in egg shells which are quite delicious, such a great idea & I’ve stocked up on a few extra eggs prior to Easter, so I can continue to make them for some upcoming dinner guests… Are you lucky enough to be coming for dinner on the next couple of months? I also made some in individual small pots for much smaller portions. 

The very first flavour – went down very well

The second flavour was a nutty delight

Made without shells for smaller portions, these had a zing to them

I made the small individual ones in pots so the children would enjoy them too, we don’t want a completely overloaded cheesecake child 😂

Lots of movies have already been enjoyed, the most recents being Boss Baby, Going in Style, Table 19, Fast n Furious 8 not forgetting Beauty & the Beast ❤ 👸 🦁 

We took the children on some trips out too, which was fun for all 😊


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