Week into May 

Oh my… My blogging is a slacking, I’m just so behind this year with blogs & photography  😱

I’m in a weekly fun photography group for all skills, a prompt is posted & we take photos (or use past photos, in some cases) with our interpretation of that theme… It is Week 19 & I’ve not posted since Week 5, sorry Joy 🙏 I will add, there’s actually no pressure to post every week, but I do like to be involved & it is nice to take photos of things sometimes I may not take them of.

Here’s an example… 

The prompt could be Texture

So what’s been occurring?  I’ve had a change of colour to my hair, it is cosmic & I love it 🌈❤💜💙💚💛

Yes, this is me 🌈

Hmmm, I had an MOT at the Dr’s (now I’m over 40 it is compulsory). I’ve been told I need more exercise, so that I shall do… While I’m only a little upset with my body shape, I’m not happy completely with it so something must change.  I’m too body conscious to go to a gym alone, so I’m going to walk into town (3.2 miles) & then watch a  movie with my Unlimited Card, before walking the return journey back. Let’s see how many steps I can get in 🏃

Now, do I get map my walk & see what I’m doing also?  I think maybe I should. Without further ado, I’m going to go & start as I mean to go on…  I’m going to make sure I have breakfast every day & weigh it out to a sensible 30/40g portion. While it is the correct season & British Strawberries are available, I shall pick some of those up while out too south some fresh vegetables for dinner. 

#ThisGirlWillTrim #Determined 

I’m still very proud of myself for not smoking since October 13th 2015… That’s 1 year & almost 7 months now, my body is healthier from that aspect at least 😊

Darcy did a Photo Bomb

I’ll leave you with this photo, I was taking off some beautiful tulips I had… Darcy had the check to photo bomb the picture, but it was too funny to delete 😂🐈🌷


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